About Us

We are the sunflower kids

We are kids from 2 to 4 years old and we have a cozy cottage with a really home-like atmosphere right next to the woods in Dragalevtsi, Sofia.

We speak English but our teachers respect our need to express ourselves in our own language.

We love nature and here we learn the ways to respect it and look after it: we compost, garden, collect water and recycle.

We spend most of our time outside even for lunch and activities and we play in the rain and snow, too.

We stay and grow in a chemical free environment, in a clean and calm area.

We have healthy organic snacks (fruit, coconut milk, yogurt and biscuits) two times a day and we bring some yummy lunch from home.

Our teachers are always patient and reassuring and they show us how to respect others and cope with problems.

During the day we learn through play, we walk barefooted in the summer mornings, we do yoga and we love to read a lot of stories.

We can make our own paints, glue, play-dough and we make our crafts out of used materials that our teachers and moms have collected for us.

Our teachers would like to know well our parents and to involve them in the process of bringing up healthy and happy children.